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If you have embedded OCAs in your network, you can troubleshoot customer streaming issues by following these general steps.

Most often, customer streaming issues involving embedded OCAs are caused by a routing, connectivity, or DNS problem inside of the ISP's network.

To troubleshoot a customer streaming issue:

  • Investigate whether there were any changes inside your network around the same time when the problem was first reported by customers. 
  • Verify that all customers reporting this problem are able to successfully ping and traceroute to your OCAs with 0% packet loss. If all customers cannot ping and traceroute to your OCAs with 0% packet loss, there is a problem somewhere in your network that you will need to investigate and resolve.
  • Ensure that you are not inadvertently blocking customer traffic by checking your router interface configuration
  • If your customers are reporting a VPN or proxy blocking issue, follow these steps.

If you have done the above investigation and you believe that this is a Netflix issue, we will need additional details from you to investigate this problem. Please submit the following information in a new ticket, or add it to an existing ticket if one already exists.

  1. When was this problem first reported?
  2. How many customers have reported this problem?
  3. Are you able to reproduce this problem?
  4. Please provide the Netflix accounts (email) from at least 3 customers who have reported this problem in the past 24 hours.
  5. For each of the customer examples provided in the previous item, please provide:
    • The customer-assigned IP address
    • The ping output for an OCA in your network
    • The traceroute output for an OCA in your network

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