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You can use the Partner Portal to check for input errors or low light levels by following the steps in these related articles:

 If you have determined that there are input errors or low light levels on an OCA, follow these tips to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Ensure that the correct fiber cables are attached. Only single-mode or multi-mode fiber connections are supported. Direct Attach cabling (also known as DAC, TwinAx, CR, Cu, or copper) is incompatible.
  • Clean the fibers and verify the path between the OCA(s) and your router.
  • If the errors are isolated to a single interface, our Operations team may ask you to swap the fiber cable of a known good interface with the fiber cable of the interface with errors, as shown in the diagrams below. This step will help us troubleshoot whether the issue is with the fiber cable or the interface itself.




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