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You can create or modify the BGP session configuration for an OCA in the Partner Portal. You manage BGP route announcements on your router.

For more details on how BGP announcements are used, see the information about appliance routing and steering via BGP in the Network configuration article

Important notes

  • Multiple IPv4 or IPv6 BGP sessions are not supported. 
  • Modifying the configuration of an already-established BGP session can result in traffic changes. Because your BGP session configuration is critical to the operational success of your Open Connect Appliances, be extremely careful when making any changes.
  • It can take up to 20 minutes for BGP session changes to be applied to the appliance and reflected back in the Partner Portal user interface.
  • You can change the session configuration from one ASN to another, but only if the ASN you are switching to is already in our system. If you need a change to the list of ASNs that are associated with your organization (for example, if you are involved in a merger and acquisition), please open a ticket so that we can assist you.

Before you start

  • Before you configure the BGP session for an OCA, ensure that the appliance is drained of any streaming sessions. For more information, see this related article: Draining and disabling appliances.
  • Appliances must be online and visible to the Partner Portal before you can change the BGP session configuration.

Viewing and Configuring BGP Sessions

To configure a BGP session:

  1. Navigate to the details page for the OCA that you want to modify.
  2. Click the BGP Configuration tab.
  3. In the diagram that appears, make changes as needed.


  • Some of the settings (for example, the OCA's IP addresses) can only be modified via the appliance console. If you need to modify settings that are not editable via the diagram, follow the instructions in this article: Connecting to the console on an OCA
  • The default initial values for route limits is 20000 for IPv4, and 500 for IPv6. For more information on route limits and how they are managed, see this related article: Managing BGP Session Maximum Route Limits.
  • The configuration diagram contains help text that explains the settings and their implications. As you make changes in the form, the diagram changes dynamically to help you visualize the configuration.



  1. When you are done making changes, click Submit.

 After the changes are applied to the OCA in approximately 20 minutes, you will see them reflected in the portal.

  1. When you are ready, re-enable the OCA to serve traffic on the Perform Maintenance tab. 




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