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Use the Traffic by AS Path report to help identify suboptimal routing of your Netflix traffic. This report shows two views of the breakdown of your Netflix traffic:

  • A detailed breakdown showing daily traffic grouped by source, including AS Path
  • A long term view of the overall traffic breakdown

The sources in the report include:

  • Peering sites: Public (Netflix via IXP), or private (Netflix Direct)
  • Embedded sites: OCAs in your network, labeled with your org name
  • Other: Other sources


  • Results are calculated based on the summed bits from the peak hour of traffic for each day. Because the highest peak can only be determined after the day ends, reports are only available 2 days (or earlier) before today's date.
  • To streamline the report, sites, ASNs, or AS paths with very low levels of Netflix traffic are grouped together. These groupings are labeled in the report as "various".

Running the report

  1. Open Metrics > Reports from the main menu.


  2. In the panel that opens, select the Traffic by AS Path report and select a date.

    The report runs automatically and results are displayed in the right panel.

Interpreting the results

Ideally, traffic should be primarily served from your embedded sites, with some amount of public or private peering traffic - either as an alternate source for client traffic or to handle fill traffic. In some cases, traffic being served from the "Other" source represents an undesirable situation, however in other cases it could be expected.

If you see traffic patterns that are unexpected in your particular network environment, open a ticket.


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