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The Partner Forms application allows Netflix to collect data that is relevant to shipments we send to partners - for example, site, shipping, and contact information for new or replacement appliances.

This application is separate from the Partner Portal and has a different authentication mechanism. However, if you have Partner Portal access you can view all forms for your organization and link to the Partner Forms application.

When a shipment is pending, you will receive an email from either your partner engagement manager (PEM) or our Operations staff asking you to log in to the Partner Forms application and fill in the requested information.

Logging in to the Partner Forms application


Click the link(s) in the email to access the Partner Forms application. A window opens where you are prompted to choose between two authentication options.

Use Temporary Code:

Select this option if you do not have Partner Portal credentials. When you use this option, you have temporary access only to the forms that are listed in the email notification. The links expire, and the expiration date is noted in the email.

When you select the temporary code option, you will be prompted to enter your email address, and the code will be pre-filled for you. This email address does not need to correspond to a Partner Portal login. You can forward the link and code to other members of your team as needed.

Use Single Sign-On:

Select the Single Sign-On (SSO) option if you have Partner Portal credentials. When you use this option, you can access all forms associated with your organization, including forms that have previously been submitted and are locked.

Note: You can also navigate to the Partner Forms application from within the Partner Portal application, using the Forms menu at the top right or from the Forms tab on a site or appliance details page. From the Partner Portal you can navigate to all forms for your org, in all states.



Working with forms

After you log in to the application, you will see a list of one or more forms on the left, and the form fields on the right.

If you used SSO to log in, you can see all of the forms associated with your organization, and you can navigate between form types (Site Survey, RMA, or Parts) by using the links at the top of the window.



Click a form and to see the form fields on the right. Depending on the state of the form, you can either review or modify the data.

Note: Contact and address information that you enter in in the Partner Forms application are saved for your organization when you submit the final version of of the form, and you can view and edit them later from within the Partner Portal application. For more information see:

For In Progress or Submitted (Unlocked) forms, the to-do list at the top indicates items that must be completed and saved before the form can be submitted. You can save your progress, exit the application, and return to fill in more data later.

For Submitted (Locked) forms, you can review the data that was provided.

Tip: If you are filling in network configurations for multiple appliances, use the copy/paste feature to avoid typing in similar information multiple times - for example, BGP Peer IP.

When you are done working on forms, save your work and then submit the form when all changes are final. After you submit a form, you will receive a summary email.

For Site Survey or RMA forms, you can continue to make and save changes to the form until appliances are configured, at which point the form will be locked. You will receive subsequent emails as the shipping and delivery process progresses.




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