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In some cases, it might be necessary to physically or logically relocate an OCA from one embedded site to another. If you need to move an OCA, you must open a ticket to notify the Open Connect team, so that we can coordinate any necessary configuration changes.

For more details on why these changes are necessary, see the following articles:

  • The Network configuration article explains how content is stored on OCAs within a site, how OCAs are configured into clusters that improve overall offload, and how moving an OCA without properly reconfiguring it can cause problematic traffic patterns.
  • The naming convention article explains how OCAs are identified and named.


  • After the OCA has been moved and reconfigured, it will be assigned a new hostname as described in the naming convention article.
  • During the configuration change, the OCA will stop serving traffic. After the configuration change, the OCA may not start serving traffic again until after the next fill window.
  • In terms of metrics and data, the moved OCA will be treated as a new OCA. It will not retain any historical metrics or audit log history.
  • Any tickets that were associated with the OCA before it was relocated will still be associated after the move, however the old hostname might be referenced in earlier ticket comments.

To notify the Open Connect team about an OCA move:

  1. Open a ticket, and select the following options:
    • Type: Partner Request
    • Category: Moving an OCA
    • Issue: Relocate OCA to New Site


  2. Select relevant associated sites and appliances, fill in other fields appropriately, then click Create.

    An Open Connect team member will respond in the ticket to assist you with next steps.

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