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In some cases, the Netflix team might notify you about potential issues with the PSU(s) on one of your Open Connect Appliances (OCAs). This is typically requested to help troubleshoot a potential sensor or power bay problem.

Before you start

Before you power down an OCA, you should drain the appliance of any streaming sessions. For more information, see this related article: Draining and disabling appliances.

Troubleshooting steps

  • Each power supply has an LED which should be lit green if the power supply is operating normally.  As a first step, verify that both power supplies are receiving power, and that the LEDs on both power supplies are lit.
  • If both power supplies do not have a lit green LED, then we will need to replace the failed PSU.
  • If the power supplies both have a lit green LED, then this could suggest a sensor or power bay problem. We can better isolate the problem if you can arrange to have the two power supplies swapped between their bays. Because this task will require brief appliance downtime, we recommend draining the cache 2-3 hours in advance. 

If the above steps point to a failed power supply, we will initiate the process to send you a replacement.




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