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For some hardware revisions, it may be possible and beneficial to upgrade a storage OCA with a 4X10G configuration to 100G by swapping out the optics connector(s). Consult your PEM to understand whether upgrading a storage OCA with a 4X10G configuration to 100G using this method might benefit your site.

Support for this upgrade

  • Beginning in mid-2017, storage OCAs started including 2 to 4 10G NIC ports and 2 100G NIC ports.
  • The original intent of this NIC configuration was to accommodate sites with either 10G or 100G capacity, not to support upgrades from 4X10G to 100G.
  • Early versions of storage OCAs with this configuration may not be able to push significantly more data over a 100G port than over a 4X10G configuration. Therefore, you should not attempt this upgrade without first consulting with the Open Connect team.
  • The OCA firmware does not distinguish between NIC speeds in the LAG bundle. Therefore, mixing 100G and 10G NICs is not supported. A mixed configuration can lead to a poor streaming quality of experience.

If you have confirmed with the Open Connect team that this type of upgrade is warranted, follow the steps below to perform the upgrade. 

Before you begin

  • Arrange with your PEM to have the necessary parts shipped to you, or to procure them locally.
  • Remember that upgrading an appliance from 10G to 100G will require downtime to remove the 10G links. 
  • Before you perform the upgrade steps below, you should drain the appliance of any streaming sessions in the Partner Portal. This step can take up to 2 hours. For more information, see this related article: Draining and disabling appliances.

Performing the upgrade

After the OCA is fully drained, perform the following steps:

  1. Follow the steps in this article to power down the OCA and remove the 10G optics connector(s) from the OCA. 
  2. On the OCA, insert a 100G optics connector into one of the 100G NIC ports.
  3. Follow the steps in this article to insert the fiber optic cable into the optics connector on the OCA.
  4. Insert a 100G transceiver module into the switch port.
  5. Clean the other end of the fiber optic cable and insert it into the transceiver module on the switch.
  6. Power on the OCA.
  7. Verify the optical signal strength.
  8. Verify connectivity with ping.
  9. Re-enable the appliance in the Partner Portal.
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