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You can view recent port channel capacity and traffic levels for each of your private network interconnect (PNI) interfaces from the home page in the Partner Portal.

For more detail and a historical view, view the PNI Capacity reports in the Partner Portal.

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There are two PNI capacity reports available:

PNI Capacity (1 week)

This report displays PNI port capacity vs. peak traffic levels for a given week (Monday - Sunday). Peak is defined as the highest 5 minute traffic level for the week. There are two charts in the report: Overall capacity and traffic levels for your organization, and a per-site and port channel view.

At the org level, the 5 minute peaks for each interface are summed.

PNI Capacity (Historical)

This report shows a similar set of data over a longer period. Use this report to look at trends or consistency over time.

Data refresh frequency

New reports are published in the middle of the week, for the week ending the previous Sunday. For example, reports for the week ending Sunday November 15th will be available approximately on Wednesday, November 18th. The delay is necessary because capacity and peak traffic are calculated based on the summed bits from the peak hour of traffic for each day, and highest peak can only be determined after the day ends.

Running the reports

  1. Open Metrics > Reports from the main menu.


  2. In the panel that opens, select the PNI Capacity (1 week) or PNI Capacity (Historical) report, select options, and click Submit.

    The report runs and results are displayed in the right panel.

Interpreting the results

Generally, we recommend that average traffic levels for a site remain below 70% of the available port capacity. If you see port channels in the report that are running consistently at or above 70%, action may be warranted. However, base on your unique connectivity to Open Connect you may need to augment sooner than 70% to ensure adequate resiliency in the case of an outage (planned or unplanned).

It may be useful to look at these reports in conjunction with the high level traffic patterns displayed in the Traffic by AS Path report to determine what solutions might work best for your network.

If a port channel is running consistently above the 70% threshold, consider these options:

  • If you have embedded OCAs or other peering sites in a similar geographic area that have capacity available, consider modifying your BGP announcements to re-route some amount traffic from the over-utilized site(s) to the under-utilized site(s).
  • If neither of these solutions are applicable, the solution might be to augment the circuit. To discuss this option with your PEM, or for assistance troubleshooting over-utilized sites, you can open a ticket using the ticket issue type "Capacity / Additional OCA or PNI"
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