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In some cases, an offline OCA may require out-of-band access. You can gain remote access to the offline (unhealthy) OCA by physically connecting it to a nearby OCA that is online (healthy). This article describes how to set up the physical connection between the offline and the online OCA.

To set up out-of-band access:

  1. Identify an online OCA that is physically located near the offline OCA.
  2. Obtain a straight-through CAT5/6 network cable long enough to reach both OCAs.
  3. Find the RJ-45 network ports on the OCAs.  They may be hidden behind a metal plate or door, depending on the hardware model.
  4. Identify the LAN1 port of the online OCA and insert one end of the network cable into it.

    Note: Some Global OCAs come with a separate copper connector for the LAN1 port. See Racking and Physical Installation of OCAs for more information.

  5. Identify the IPMI port of the offline OCA and insert the other end of the network cable into it.

The following image shows an example of the final setup for 2 Flash OCAs.

Note: The locations of the  IPMI and LAN1 ports vary according to the type of OCA. Some OCAs have a front panel covering the ports that you will need to remove to access them. See this article for images of these front panels.



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