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OCAs and clients must be able to communicate with the control plane services that run in Amazon Web Services (AWS). If connectivity to AWS is lost, OCAs will stop serving traffic. OCAs must also be reachable via the protocols that we use for monitoring or other administrative tasks. Netflix monitors this inbound/outbound connectivity, and if there are issues over time we will open a ticket.

See this article for information about specific inbound/outbound port connectivity requirements.

You can use the Partner Portal to view connectivity metrics for an OCA.

  1. From the main Sites and Appliances page, navigate to the appliance that you want to check.
  2. On the appliance details page, open the Metrics tab.
  3. To view AWS connectivity metrics, select one of the Connectivity charts.


    The charts show a count of errors over time for each check:

    • Inbound: This check verifies that the OCAs are accessible to inbound communication via the protocols that we use for monitoring and other administrative tasks.
    • Outbound: This check verifies that the OCAs can communicate outbound status and health information to our control plane services in AWS.
  4. If there are errors displayed in the charts, try the following:
    • Ensure that you are allowing all traffic on all ports
    • Remove or reconfigure ACLs that are blocking access to the OCA
    • Ensure that your router has a default route or full routing table
    • Ensure that there are no other issues preventing access to the OCA
  5. After you have fixed any issues, recheck the charts to confirm that the issue is fixed.



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