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In the Partner Portal, you can see a list of changes made by users in your organization.

To view audit logs, click Maintenance > Audit Log tab from the main menu, or click the Audit Log tab on a site or OCA details page. 

menu-audit-logs.jpg            audit-log-tab.png

In the grid that opens you see a list of changes, who made each change, and when. The changes that you see are scoped depending on where you opened the page - for example, if you open the audit log from the main page you will see all of the changes for your organization. If you open the audit log from a site details page, you will see the changes for that site.


On the main page you can also toggle between organization changes (for example, changes made to contacts) and OCA changes (for example, BGP configuration changes or when OCAs have been disabled for maintenance).


Note: The audit log is limited to changes made by your organization, either from within the Partner Portal or through the Partner Forms application. Changes made by Netflix processes or team members are not displayed.

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