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Netflix’s logistics suppliers have different requirements for shipping, importing, and customs processes that are specific to each country in which your ISP operates. During the engagement process with Netflix, the shipping specifics for your country and deployment will be reviewed with you and agreed upon. You will be asked to confirm site readiness before any OCAs are shipped to you.

Shipping OCAs

To facilitate smooth delivery and installation, you will be directed to an online site survey form before shipment where you can specify the configuration details of your appliances. In this form, you will provide information such as:

  • Site physical address
  • Shipping address
  • Shipment contacts
  • IP configuration details (IPv4, IPv6, default gateway, and so on)
  • BGP configuration details (IPv4, and IPv6 if applicable)
  • Type of rack rails (2-post vs 4-post)
  • Power supply types (AC vs DC)
  • Optic types

Before shipping OCAs to your facility, the Netflix team pre-configures the appliances and fills them with the latest content. To avoid having the pre-filled content become stale, thereby requiring an extended high-traffic initial fill period, it is highly recommended to get the appliances online as soon as possible.

Each appliance is shipped with the appropriate parts, based on what you specify in the online form.

Receiving OCAs

Requirements for receiving an appliance shipment are roughly as follows. Specific requirements will be communicated to your logistics team by the Netflix logistics team before the shipment.

Criteria Requirement
Estimated appliance weight 100 to 125 pounds (45 to 57 kg)
Estimated weight of pallet and shipping materials 63 pounds (29 kg)
Loading dock and jack Upon request, Netflix will ensure delivery trucks arrive with a pallet jack and lift gate if a loading dock and jack are not available at the destination.



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