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Global or 2U Storage OCAs have an LCD screen on the front of the server that you can use to power the server on and off and view or change certain server configurations or information. Follow the steps below to perform these tasks.

Button configuration

The diagram below shows placement of the four buttons on the LCD screen. The instructions in the next sections refer to each button by their number in the diagram.



Button 1 (top left)

  • Recommendation: Do not use. Sometimes acts as 'select/enter', but usage is not consistent across options.

Button 2 (top right)

  • Pauses the screen or rotates between pages
  • If the button is pressed for more than 5 seconds, triggers a soft shutdown (or power up, if the OCA is off)
  • If inside an option (for example, reip or reboot), acts as 'select/enter'

Button 3 (bottom left)

  • Used to change selection within an option (for example, if inside the reboot option, moves between "Yes/No")

Button 4 (bottom right)

  • Scrolls through options (for example, reip, reboot)
  • If inside an option, acts as 'exit' (reip only)

Powering on an OCA

Hold down Button 2 (top right) for at least five seconds.

The screen will display "Sanmina" for a few minutes, then switch to the main information screen. The main information screen shows the hostname and IP address of the OCA.

Powering off an OCA

From the main information screen that shows the hostname and IP address, hold down Button 2 (top right) for at least five seconds.

The server will begin a soft shutdown process that will take a minute or two to complete. The screen will display a "Power off" message, or will display "Thank you for using Open Connect".

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