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The Partner Portal can be used to view metrics and other data and to make certain configuration changes to your Open Connect Appliances. You should be aware, however, that there are some inherent delays in our global systems which can impact what you see reflected in the portal user interface. It takes some time for changes to propagate from the portal through to the appliance, up to the Open Connect control plane and other backend systems, and then be reported back and reflected in the user interface.

When you are looking at data in the portal, the user interface will show when the data was last refreshed.

State changes

The following changes can take up to 20 minutes to be propagated through our systems and reflected in the portal:

  • BGP session configuration changes
  • BGP route announcement changes (on your router)
  • Draining a site or appliance for maintenance
  • Re-enabling a site or appliance after maintenance is complete
  • Other appliance state changes that are done on the Netflix side (for example, setting an appliance to Live during the deployment process)

Metrics and reports

Key metrics are typically available in semi-real time, but may show some small amount of delay.

Reports, which can require the calculation of previous days' traffic peaks and the combination and cleansing of disparate large data sets, are typically not available for up to 2-3 days, and in some cases, report data is only refreshed weekly. 







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