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Occasionally you may be asked for our help to triage and debug an issue with one of your embedded OCAs - for example, if the OCA is down or offline, or if there was an upgrade failure. Follow these steps to perform the triage.

Before you start

Gather the following items:

  • Cellphone or digital camera
  • USB keyboard and VGA monitor
  • Phillips head screwdriver

Take pictures of all of the following items:

  • LCD panel (if it exists)

    LCDs have multiple pages in rotation. Take a picture of each page.

  • Any LED lights

    Also, provide an indication of state (solid or blinking).

  • PSU Lights

    Also, provide an indication of state (solid or blinking).

  • NIC lights
  • Front of OCA
  • Back of OCA
  • OCA serial numbers and hostname label

Triage / Firmware recovery process

  1. Connect a keyboard and mouse to the console on the OCA by following ONLY steps 1 and 2 in the article: Connecting to the console on an OCA
    • Note: You will be prompted for your Partner Portal login credentials to read this article.
  2. Without rebooting or pressing any key on the keyboard, take a picture of the console screen.
  3. Reboot the OCA.
    • Note: The boot sequence might take several minutes to complete.
  4. Take pictures - or preferably video, if possible - of the boot sequence.
    • The boot process should end with a 'login:' prompt. For example:


  1. Continue with step 3 of the article: Connecting to the console on an OCA to log in to the OCA.
  2. Follow the general steps in the article: Updating the IP address of an OCA to verify all of the network configuration information for the OCA. 
    • Take pictures of each step.
    • Modify the network configuration and re-IP the OCA if necessary.
    • Take pictures and make notes of any error messages that occur as you go.
    • Take pictures and make notes of the network information and light levels.
  3. Finally, either open a ticket via the Partner Portal, or append to an existing ticket if there is already a ticket related to your issue.
    • Include all notes, and attach all pictures and videos.


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