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Use the Route Explorer section of the Open Connect Partner Portal to monitor the state of the BGP sessions and announcements that you have configured between your routers and the Netflix Open Connect Appliances that are embedded in your network.

Note: You can view and explore BGP route announcements to your OCAs in the portal, however you manage them on your router.

For more details on how BGP announcements are used, see the Network Configuration article about appliance routing and steering via BGP.

On the Route Explorer page, there are a few ways to look at the prefixes that are announced to your embedded OCAs.

  1. Open Routes > Route Explorer tab from the main menu. 


  1. Select sites, then select the appliances that you want to analyze.
  2. To filter the results so that only inconsistent announcements are returned, select the Inconsistent option.

    Because of the way content is stored across all OCAs within a site, the OCAs within a site should always have the exact same prefixes advertised. This report identifies situations where the route advertisements are not exactly the same within a site. For more information, see the information about clustering architectures in the Network configuration article.

  3. To view a list of tier fill issues, select the Tier Fill option.

    If you have multiple embedded sites that are well connected, you should enable the OCAs in one site to obtain nightly fill from the OCAs in your other sites. This report identifies situations where tier fill has not been enabled. For more information, see Fill patterns.

  4. Click Show to display the results.

After the results are displayed, you can:

  • Sort the results grid by prefix
  • Download the results to a CSV file for additional offline analysis

Note: To troubleshoot route announcements across both embedded and peering sites, use the Route Optimizer tool.


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