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We continually monitor all OCAs that are live and serving Netflix traffic with a series of checks. If one of our checks fails, it is flagged as an operational issue alert.

For more information about specific checks, see: OCA Live checks

All active operational issue alerts are displayed in the Partner Portal on the Operational Issues page. 

You can see all operational issues for your organization by clicking Inbox > Operational Issues from the main menu.


You can also see these issues on the Open Issues panel of your Partner Portal home page, and the same panel is on each site and OCA details page, scoped accordingly.


On the details page for each issue you can find a description of the issue, information about the history of the issue since it has been active, and links to relevant help center content or other reports or metrics within the Partner Portal that can help you with troubleshooting. You can also, optionally, use this page to request assistance via our ticketing system, indicate any work in progress, or snooze lower priority issues. 

These optional features are provided to enable communication and collaboration within your organization. The Netflix team generally investigates active issues only if you request assistance via our ticketing system.




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